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  1. TEFL (11 Jan 18) TEFL means "Teaching English as a Foreign Language". I know of people who use this as a means of income. You need a good internet connection, headphones with microphone attached, and probably Skype set-up on your computer. There are a number of businesses offering certification, training & job boards. I am sorry i do not know who to recommend. As always you have to be careful who you sign up with. However, i want to mention that Amazon has a lot of "How To" books on the subject. If you can set up your own operation without going through an agency you might make more money and have more freedom. Someone mentioned that it is harder to teach online than face-to-face. So it is important that you have an efficient system set-up.
  2. DAILY JOB FIX (14 Dec 17) Here is a cool employment site you may like - It might work for you. Categories on the site include things like: "Today's Job News", "Who"s Hiring", "Recent Job News", "December Listing", & "November Listing". If you click on the small rectangular box link at the top of the page which says: "Recent Hiring / Job News" it will take you to another page with two months prior listings. This is a site produced by the same party which produces "".
  3. AUTO DETAILING SERVICE (5 Sep 17) Auto detailing is a popular service offered by many people across the world. It involves thorough cleaning of the interior of a car or truck. You might even be able to make a deal with a car wash business to work off their lot. Click on the picture at the right to shop many supplies you will need in your trade.

  4. TAXI DRIVER (14 Dec 17) You might be the type who would love driving a Taxi as employment (IQ range 54-140): Maybe even driving Taxi in a foreign country which allows you to really get to see the sites plus make some cash. Cities like London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Seattle, San Francisco are beckoning you. Click on the picture at the right to shop Taxi driver job record items such as "Timesheet Log & Mileage Trackers" and you can even buy a cool T-Shirt. I think you will need a special drivers license to work in this field. Equipping yourself with a GPS might make your job easier: Click HERE to shop GPS units. You may also need to get a "chauffeur's license" which will also allow you to drive a limousine another source of income.
  5. COMMERCIAL SEWING (14 Nov 17) Some people use a heavy duty commercial sewing machine to make products which they sell direct to the public. You can make items out of leather or some kind of fabric like canvas. The thing is that it is now possible to have a very large selection of Heavy Duty Sewing Machines at really great prices. This would make a great work-at-home business. There are all kinds of different ideas you can use to build a business: Dress Alterations, Coin Purses & Wallets, Animal Tack, Clothing Items, the list goes on and on. I classify sewing machines in four different categories: Industrial, Commercial, Heavy Duty, & Domestic. Industrial machines would include something like a Juki sewing machine which can cost over $1000 and is used a lot in businesses which are sewing continuously night & day. Hey, open your own sweat shop and get rich.
  6. TRUCK DRIVING (BIG RIG) (14 Nov 17) I tried this occupation but it did not work for me. I went to a truck driving school located in Victorville, California and after graduation was recruited by Dick Simon Trucking Inc. I also worked for "Swift Transportation Company" in Phoenix, Arizona. For one thing it was too long of hours for me. But some of the people like the lifestyle and in my opinion it is a "Lifestyle". I like "Swift" best because less pressure and they have a great driver lounge with a nice cafeteria. Swift is very good for people who are unexperienced driving truck and need a good starter company. But some people stay on with Swift long term because they like the company.
  7. LOG SPLITTER SERVICE (13 Nov 17) Something for you to consider is offering a Log Splitting service in your area. Even though it is probably a seasonal business it still might provide you with some income. Also, consider using your splitter to produce firewood to sell from your own location. Remember a true cord of firewood is 4ft X 4ft X 8ft. Also, some people use a tractor equipped with a log splitter: A 40 to 60 HP tractor, i guess. You would probably need to buy a chainsaw to include in your tool chest. This would be a good business for those of you who have teenage children and they need something to do. I think a lot of people like their firewood to be no longer than 18in; it is easier to manage and fits into the stove better.
  8. FLEX JOBS (11 Jul 17) This is probably a good source of help for those of you seeking online employment.

    ►Find Telecommuting Jobs and other great flexible jobs such as Part-Time jobs and Freelance work. FlexJobs is an innovative, professional job service to help you find the best flexible jobs available, safely and easily. Every job is hand-screened and legitimate. Guaranteed. FlexJobs is an excellent value and offers three pricing options. You'll find the best professional AND flexible jobs in 55 career categories on our trusted, award-winning site. Prices start at $14.95/month. If you're serious about getting a telecommuting, part-time, or flexible job, you're in the right place. Find a telecommuting, part-time, or flexible job faster and with less stress. Let us save you time and energy in digging for "real" jobs buried below scams and ads, so all you have to do is login to access the best job leads in one place! Access the best, most current database of hand-screened flexible jobs. Our trained staff researches professional job leads from all over the web -- freelance to full-time, entry-level to executive, in 55 job categories. Get great benefits such as Skills Testing, Special Partner Offers, and Job Tips. As a member, receive valuable benefits such as unlimited expert skills testing, job search checklists, and a wide range of discounts and savings. Discover a new, better kind of job search experience. One that provides good, hand-screened, professional jobs - and the research and screening already done for you. A job service that values integrity, innovation, and the importance of providing a great experience for our users. Finally!◄
  9. THE TOP 100 COMPANIES OFFERING REMOTE JOBS (11 Jul 17) I think this is a very good article in Forbes about working online to make money. Featured here is a list of 100 companies that offer online employment.

    ►Working from home is increasingly the dream of many a harried employee. But it's hard to find legitimate work-from-home opportunities that aren't too-good-to-be-true scams. FlexJobs, a company that vets all types of flexible job listings including part-time, telecommuting and freelance, today releases the top 100 companies offering telecommuting opportunities in 2017. The annual list is comprised of the companies that offered the highest number of remote job listings in the FlexJobs database in 2016, out of a total of 47,000 such companies. It includes jobs that allow for telecommuting both part and all of the time. To access these vetted opportunities, the site charges a fee. Such opportunities seem to be increasing — the percentage of workers doing all or some of their work at home increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among those in management, business, financial operations and professional jobs, the percentage was 35-38%. And 68% of U.S. workers say that they expect to work remotely in the future. Industries that are most likely to offer remote work include the computer and information technology fields, medical and health, and government and finance. Customer service, education and training and sales also feature a number of telecommuting jobs.◄
  10. EBATES (28 May 17) This is a site with a very large participation by many retail businesses whereby you the customer receive coupons or cash-back on purchases you make.

    ►Ebates offers coupons and cash rebates to customers who shop at its partner retailers. It has more than 1,800 partners with more than 8 million customers in the US, Canada, Korea, and China.◄
  11. KO-FI   (20 Mar 17) This is a cool new little deal that will probably take-off like wildfire. The only thing is that it requires users to have a PayPal account and i wish they would include alternatives to PayPal. I have not used this service, but it looks good on paper.

    ►Ko-fi allows you to make a little extra income from your websites, blogs, tweets and forum posts. Easily create your own button or link. Anyone who clicks the link can buy you a coffee. Their micro payment goes straight into your PayPal account. It's totally free. ko-fi allows you to receive income from fans of your web content. Create your button and share it anywhere on the web. Anyone who clicks your link can support you with a with a "coffee" (a small payment that is roughly equal to the price of a coffee). It's free to use. All you need is a PayPal account to receive payments.◄
  12. LIL' ORBITS   This is a little donut making business system that has probably been around for a long time. I just tried a bag of Lil' Orbits (12) donuts for $3.00 NZD. This is the first time i have tried them. They are quite tasty (i was going to save some for pictures, but guess what happened) but very small in size. This seems to be a product that parents would buy for their children, and i could imagine children pulling their parents over to the vendor's cart or van to buy more of these. Hardware Store The donuts are probably not over 1-1/2 inches in overall diameter, just right for a child's mouth plus they taste great. The vendor i bought these donuts from was set-up in a very small box trailer in the Okara shopping center here in Whangarei and they also sold American style hot dogs ($3.50 NZD) which were also very good, the weaner had that snap to it.

    » Purchase your own Lil' Orbits equipment and supplies package, and you can get into business fast. It's not complicated. Unlike a franchise, there are no sign-up fees and you'll never pay royalties. You keep your profits. Our experienced Lil' Orbits business advisers can help you set up shop and will provide encouragement as you get into business. However, not much training and encouragement is required because Lil' Orbits equipment is so simple to operate, easy to maintain, and as we've said, bottom-line profitable. Lil' Orbits operations can be recession-proof. If you own a Lil' Orbits operation, you'll have a good opportunity to make a great income while our economy goes through its inevitable downs and ups. «
  13. UBER DRIVER   This seems like an easy way to make some cash. Using your own vehicle as a taxi for people who contact you through the Uber software system, you provide rides for people, or maybe fetch fast food sandwiches or liquor or groceries for people. Does this opportunity ever get saturated with drivers? I do not know. Is it a safe way to make money? I don't know. You will have to do some research before enlisting in the ranks of the Uber driver. There are some areas of the country where it does not seem like a good idea. So, better check.

    » On a snowy Paris evening in 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had trouble hailing a cab. So they came up with a simple idea—tap a button, get a ride. What started as an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas is now changing the logistical fabric of cities around the world. Whether it's a ride, a sandwich, or a package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it. For the women and men who drive with Uber, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to transportation, and make streets safer. When you make transportation as reliable as running water, everyone benefits. Especially when it’s snowing outside. Across borders, cultures, and languages, we're proud to connect people who need a reliable ride with people looking to earn money driving their car. Your journeys inspire us. Thank you. «
  14. COMPOSITION DOLL BODIES   A number of years ago my parents got into the doll body making business in their garage attached to our house in San Bernardino, California. They would take their completed doll bodies to the Anaheim Convention Center once or twice a year and display these doll bodies on the table they rented at about $200.00 for 2 to 3 days. They sold bodies off their table plus took orders for doll bodies to be made and shipped out later from their home workshop. There is a lot of work involved to complete a finished product, but they enjoyed the lifestyle and the customers that bought from them. It has been a number of years since i have been involved with this doll body making enterprise so i think things have changed a lot. The problem nowadays is that i think the economy is a lot worse now than it was when i worked in doll body making. But, anyway you the viewer of this website will have to decide for yourself whether this idea will work for you. Miscellaneous information about this business: Attending doll shows in large venues such as the "Anaheim Convention Center" are prime ways to sell your product and increase your customer base. Keep all lacquer paints and thinners in a separate metal shed or large container away from any source of sparks or flames such as a water heater. Always use fans and other motorized equipment with sealed motors around lacquer based material. Some equipment you will need: Flap Sanders, Capacitor Start 1/2 HP Bench Motors, Spray Paint equipment, Doll Body Molds, Rigid Latex Casting Compound, Shock Cord, Flesh Colored Spray Paint, Dremel Rotary Tools, & Mold Straps.
  15. UPWORK   This freelance company focuses a lot on the client - that is the one doing the hiring of a freelance worker. By the looks of their website they appear to be quite professional. Freelance jobs are available in the following categories: Web, Mobile & Software Development, Design & Creative, Admin Support, Customer Service, IT & Networking, Writing, Sales V Marketing, Data Science & Analytics, Translation, Engineering & Architecture, Legal, & Accounting & Consulting.

    » The best companies win with the best talent. But great people can be hard to find. We’ve created an online workplace for the world – connecting clients with top freelance professionals from San Francisco to Sao Paulo. Whether you need one writer or an entire team of programmers, we help you find the right experts to fuel your success. Our platform lets you work effortlessly with freelancers anywhere. Say goodbye to business as usual. Get amazing results working with the best programmers, designers, writers and other top online pros. Hire freelancers with confidence, always knowing their work experience and feedback from other clients. «
  16. FRUIT BICYCLE   These people are offering a lightweight & nimble vending bicycle, for your business. Look at this new & cool idea for making some cash. It involves using a bicycle equipped with a cargo box large enough to hold a variety of fruits and vegetables to sell at local public events where large numbers of people gather. You might even be able to include other popular products like candy bars and other junk food (Evil LOL). I think you can buy a ready-made "Fruit Bicycle" from them to use for your start-up business. You would be selling bananas, oranges, blueberries, apples, pears, dates, raisins, figs, bottled water, and other healthy snack type items - Charge about $2.00 for one apple, pear or banana. Maybe even granola bars & yogurt cups topped with strawberries. Sell T-Shirts, bicycle bells, condoms. Buy several "Fruit Bicycles" and have a chain business.

    ►After a successful year of selling fruit from a bicycle in howard county, it is time to make more fruitbicycles. we need your help. Visit kickstarter t​o support. Checkout our awesome FruitBicycle video at the link below, FruitBicycle has hit kickstarter! Our first season was rough at first, but as we learned where to be and what to sell, things turned around. Now we want to grow the FruitBicycle. If you think this is as important as we do, please click the link, show your support, and tell all your friends about it. Kickstarter uses all or nothing funding. If we don't raise enough to build another bicycle, your pledge will not be charged, so pledge now! Thanks and hope to see you next season with a fleet of FruitBicycles.◄
  17. FIVERR   This might be a good deal for those of you who can work with social media items like logos, voice, code, online marketing, video and lots of other visual stuff. Looks to me to be a real strict site trying to do a good job. Here are some good principals to follow: Be patient. It can take months to get going on Fiverr. Start with only 1, 2 or 3 gigs until YOU LEARN: How the Fiverr system actually works. What Buyers look for when choosing a Seller. How to over-deliver your service. How to negotiate effectively. How to handle and respond to negative feedback. Use proper English and grammar. Do not use Stock photo images or images you have no right to use. Do not misrepresent your gig. Do not mislead Buyers. Explain exactly what you are offering. Explain exactly what the Buyer will get.

    ►Fiverr® is the worlds largest marketplace for services starting at $5. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. Gigs on Fiverr are offered for a fixed, base price of $5 (also referred to as one Fiverr). Whenever you see "I will _for $5", it means the seller is offering a Gig® for the fixed price of $5. Buyers pay Fiverr for orders in advance. Each $5 Gig® you sell and successfully deliver, accredits your account with a net revenue of $4. Fiverr accredits sellers once an order is completed. See "Work Delivery & Communications" in our Terms of Service for a definition of a completed order.◄
  18. VOICEOVER WORK   This is a very professional site. Do you have a voice that might sound good on radio, or the internet or maybe even television? I once had a boss who as a side project was always trying to get advertising gigs with radio stations using his nice voice. It pays well i guess. Two sections for your use: 1. Find/hire Voices. Connect with professional voice talent – without expensive agency fees. Post your job free. Get proposals in less than an hour. 2. Find/get Jobs. Join the largest community of talent, actors, narrators and audio producers. Instant access to amazing opportunities. New job postings every day. Also, try voice123.

    ►We may have moved into a digital world, but the human voice remains the most effective tool for spreading a message. The community believes in the transformative power of the voice. The website is designed to connect businesses and organizations with the most talented professionals in the vocal industry. In this way, instead of silencing the human voice, the internet is actually capable of increasing its reach. Nearly every industry is in need of a quality voice at one point or another. And with millions of people working in the voice-over industry, finding a voice is not particularly difficult. The struggle comes in finding a vocal professional able to meet the requirements of the job at hand. The voice-over industry is not a one-size-fits-all venture; a perfectly talented vocal professional may be the wrong fit for a given job. The organization or business hiring a vocal professional has a long list of criteria to keep in mind. This includes not just proven talent and experience in the field, but also the correct demographics, and likewise, the correct accent.◄
  19. PIZZA HUT DELIVERY DRIVER   I have visited Pizza Hut restaurants many times. I like their pizza. I usually buy the meat lovers pizza. The page linked to here allows you to enter your zip code and apply for a pizza delivery driver job. You can also sign up for job alerts.

    ►As a driver, you are the polite and friendly face that takes Pizza Hut to the customer's door. You're it. You're us out "there". You're part of why we're the team that's famous for a reason. The hours are flexible. You're out and about, listening to tunes and delivering great pizzas. Oh . . . And people are really, really happy to see you! Besides being a team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, there are other things that will help you be a successful Pizza Hut driver. You're friendly (with a great smile). You value customers. You've got a good sense of direction . . . Or GPS! You've got a reliable car. A current driver's license. You take pride in your appearance. You've got loads of energy. And you like to be on time. You also always keep in mind our work standards around cleanliness, hospitality, product and speed of service. Our customers are important to us, and we'll give you all the training you need to provide them with the great service they've come to expect from the team that's famous for a reason.◄
  20. DOMINO'S PIZZA DELIVERY DRIVER   I like Domino's Pizza the best. The page linked to here has a delivery drivers wanted - apply online clickable box but it does not work for me. You can try it in the US as i am in New Zealand.

    ►At Domino's Pizza we're not after robots. We want you to bring your personality to work. There are certain things Domino's people do have in common, like their love of fun, but everyone brings their own personal touch to the role. Check out the list below to see what makes a successful Domino's Driver:

    1. Reliable
    2. Enjoys friendly competition
    3. Doesn't like being stuck doing one thing
    4. Likes having fun
    5. Outgoing
    6. Can work unsupervised
    7. Gets a kick out of customer service
    8. A can-do attitude
    9. Good presentation
    10. Friendly and sociable

    It goes without saying that as a Domino's Driver you'll know how to get from A to B. You'll also be comfortable delivering directly to customers' front doors. And when you're not behind the wheel? You'll have the confidence to handle everything thrown your way in-store. Whether it's hustling, up selling or handling customer queries, you'll take it all in your stride.◄
  21. PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA DELIVERY DRIVER   Linked to here is a Papa John's online application for delivery driver. Available openings are also displayed.

    ►As part of our restaurant team, Delivery Driver professionals are key to maintaining Papa John's reputation for "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza". These team members work together at our more than 4,000 locations worldwide. Their collaboration and commitment to quality helps us stay on top of our game. At Papa John's, Delivery Driver professionals challenge themselves in a fast-paced environment where they're encouraged to cooperate, strive for quality and inspire those around them. You'll be supported by dynamic Delivery Driver professionals in a work environment that appreciates our most important ingredient—you! You can also make the most of training opportunities, comprehensive benefits and our community involvement initiatives. Search our current Delivery Driver careers below. Browse Delivery Driver Jobs at Papa John's. Click on the title bar to sort alphabetically, or use the search field to sort by job title or location.◄
  22. BOOSTER   Some of you reading this listing may benefit from this online crowd funding business for some personal project. This is different i think in that they incorporate the sell of custom designed T-Shirts as part of the money earning activity.

    ►Booster is the only social fundraising platform where you can create or support a campaign for whatever cause you care about most by selling custom apparel that you design in our easy-to-use online design lab, by running a donation campaign or both. To learn more visit our How It Works page. Anyone can start a Booster campaign. Booster Campaigns are designed to be simple and quick to launch. Booster is available to any individual or group that wants to raise awareness and money for a cause, group, project or for nearly any other purpose. A Booster Campaign is great for nearly any cause or project from paying for medical bills, to supporting a registered non-profit, raising money for your school, for a project, for a friend, for yourself, family member or a group / team that is based in the US. You select the campaign beneficiary during the campaign setup process, and we'll take care of the rest. We do however prohibit campaigns for highly offensive, discriminatory or illegal purposes. To learn more, take a look at our User Agreement.◄
  23. SCHWAN'S™ HOME SERVICE   I am sure many of you have at least seen the Schwan's delivery truck somewhere in your local area as pictured on the right. I have ordered food from these people in the past and it's a pretty good deal when you consider that the food is delivered to your doorstep. This listing here is about getting work as a delivery driver. They have other positions available as well i'm sure. You can apply online for a job if you want.

    ►Join Schwan's Home Service, Inc. and make a difference in people's lives with great food and service, be part of a growing enterprise, and have control over your success! We have new leadership in place, new momentum in the market, and delicious food that helps more families share home-style, quality meals together. Come be a part of our transformation! As a Route Sales Representative, you'll be in control of running a $300,000+ route based food business. Our trucks are stocked with more than 350 delicious, home-style foods that require limited prep and help our customers make great family meals any night of the week. We take pride in the quality of our foods and the joy they bring to the millions of families we serve. If you have the passion and drive to be a part of a business focused on selling and customer service, then you have found the right career at Schwan's. As a Route Sales professional you will go through a custom designed training program designed to set you up for success so that you can operate safely and consistently exceed our customers' expectations and your Sales goals. Upon completion of training you will be provided with an established customer base that you will manage and grow. You'll also have a powerful tool on your side: and our mobile app. More and more, our customers are ordering their food online, which is helping to grow our sales and serve customers the way they prefer to shop. Your success as a Route Sales Representative may lead to significant advancement opportunities. In fact, the majority of our leadership team, including our President and CEO, started as a Route Sales professional. We can't wait to see where your career will take you!◄
  24. RUBBER STAMP MAKING BUSINESS   This used to be fairly popular some time ago, but i do not know how it would do now because most people use email instead of writing letters and sending through the post office. I visited one rubber stamp brick & mortar store in Willets, California. Maybe if you include address stamps and other types of business use stamps along with artistic type stamps, you might make some sales.

    ►Welcome to the most comprehensive rubber stamp resource on line! To best serve our customers we've divided our website into three sections. Equipment - Information on our rubber stamp making and hot stamping equipment. Includes specific details on art stamp manufacturing using the Precision Rubber Stamp Press, custom rubber die molding services, the Polymer Plus Exposure System for making custom rubber stamps and the Brother Stampcreator PRO System for instant pre-inked stamp production. Made-To-Order Rubber Stamps - Online ordering of custom rubber stamps and gifts! Includes made to order traditional knob handle stamps, Ideal self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, dating and numbering stamps and a variety of custom laser engraved signs and gifts. Rubber Stamp Materials — Order all of your rubber stamp making supplies online! Unvulcanized rubber, matrix material, photopolymer resin and sheets, Brother Stampcreator PRO systems and supplies, mounts, self-inkers, many equipment items . . . The list goes on and on. Everything needed to make and sell stamps can be dropped into one convenient shopping cart!◄
  25. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION   OK, according to one of my links here, this is a dying business. But, you will have to do your own research to establish whether or not it is worth investing your time and money. The impression which i got is that other things are developing which are taking the place of transcription services like what i am showing here. Don't ask me what, because i don't understand anything about it.

    ►Medical Transcription may be the right career for you if you are able to work behind a computer for hours at a time, independently, with very little interaction with others. Excellent spelling and hearing skills are necessary as well as a good understanding of grammar and punctuation. As part of our application process, we have provided a small screening test to help determine whether potential students have some of the skills necessary to succeed in this field. It isn't a definitive test, but it does help us guide students toward the right career choice. You will find the test and its instructions on our "How To Apply" page. Books and materials for the medical transcription program are included in the cost of the course. When you write to us, let us know if you heard about us from a medical transcription employer, one of our successful graduates, an online search, or the website "Make Money". Call: 405-721-3555 or (if you prefer to write).◄
  26. VENDING MACHINE BUSINESS   There is a lot of advantages with operating this business. I talked on the phone with this guy in Billings Montana who owned a vending business and he was great - he gave me a very good education about this business. One thing is you have to be careful about buying machines and established routes from other people because there are lot of scammers out there. It is important to keep your product fresh. It is important to refund peoples money quickly if requested.

    ►The vending business can be a profitable venture for individuals. You can start with several machines and build your vending route over time. Most vending owners sell candy, drinks or both types of products. Instead of franchising, find vending machines on your own. You can purchase the bulk vending machines, which dispense handfuls of products, mechanical or electronic vending machines. Bulk machines are less expensive, but your per-unit profits will be lower than other machines. Decide what type of vending machines you want. Choose bulk vending machines if you want to pay less than $200 per machine and have fewer mechanical issues. Start with electronic soda machines if you are willing to spend at least $3,000 per machine, according to Vending Solutions' website. Decide on the machines that best meet your needs. Search business opportunity magazines like "Business Opportunities," "Small Business Opportunities," and "Home Business" to find vending machine dealers. Contact large wholesalers in your area and ask if they sell vending machines. Select the vending machine dealer that provides you with the lowest unit price for the machines you want. You can also rent vending machines to start a business. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the vending machine seller is legitimate and has no complaints filed against them.◄
  27. MONSTER   They are billed as: "We connect people and job opportunities". I have never used monsters' services, but they are a huge outfit which spans the entire globe - they are available in many countries around the world. There is one category on their website which is kind of interesting called has two categories available among others: one called "Part time" and the other called "Temp" or seasonal. Also, there is a "Freelance" category and a "General Labor" category.

    ►Whether you're thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction, Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you. Monster is the premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. We've been doing this for more than 20 years, and have expanded from our roots as a "job board" to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services. At the heart of our success and our future is innovation: We are changing the way people think about work, and we're helping them actively improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools and practices.◄
  28. RECYCLING FOR CASH   This is something i have done a lot of in the past. I have recycled aluminum cans, bottles, electric wire, pot & pans, and used defective appliances such as refrigerators and washers & driers. I have owned a Victor propane gas cutting torch set-up which i used to cut-up appliance chassis and other components of scrap material. I used a small trailer towed behind my small Toyota Tercel car to haul "cleaned" scrap metal to the scrap buyer. I tried all kinds of angles and i do not think i made much money, deducting the cost of operating the car, plus other expenses. But some of you may be in a situation where you can make a profit recycling scrap metal and beverage cans, etc. Also, check into recycling cell phones, inkjet printers, & printer cartridges for cash. Maybe even consider selling junk vehicles & vehicle lead-acid batteries.

    ►By Jeff Friend March/April 1978 (Mother Earth News). The successful junker is concerned with basically just 10 metals. In order of their decreasing value, they are: copper, red brass, yellow brass, aluminum, lead, die cast, stainless steel, cast iron, steel and light iron. The prices paid for these metals fluctuate from month to month according to the laws of supply and demand, but to give you a rough idea of how much money you can expect to make as a scrapper, I've included in the Image Gallery above a table showing what prices were in effect in Virginia as of April 1977. The identification of scrap metals is fairly easy (this is where the file and magnet prove to be invaluable). (Note: Click on the Image Gallery link above for a comprehensive chart about how to identify metals.) I begin by checking to see if a piece of junk is magnetic, then I scrape away any plating, oxidation or paint with my file to determine the specimen's true color. I also check the piece's hardness and pick it up to get an idea of how heavy it is per unit of volume. In some cases, the item's function is a tip-off to its composition (car door handles, for instance, are made of die cast or "white metal") . . .◄
  29. MANPOWER   At one time this was a great organization. I have used Manpower in the past quite freqently for temporary jobs and even used this service to help my unemployed father find a good permanent job at Toro Manufacturing in Riverside California. A person at one time could work their way across the United States using their income from this great service. But, in later years when i tried to use this service, the situation had changed completely and a lot of their clients (job-seekers) were of the very "rough" type, and so i quit using this service. But you may be in a different area and in a different situation where this service may work very well for you. That is why i am including it here on this website, because you have to decide for yourself if this is going to work for you. I hope it does. I hope you do not experience the problems i had to go through using this type of service. As they say: "Whether you are looking for a full-time, permanent position or a temporary job that gives you the flexibility to work when you want to, ManpowerGroup can help. To learn about the latest ManpowerGroup job opportunities from around the world, please select a country or territory below."

    ►ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, creates and delivers high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. With over 60 years of experience, our $21 billion company creates unique time to value through a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that help clients win in the Human Age. These solutions cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. ManpowerGroup maintains the world's largest and industry-leading network of nearly 3,500 offices in over 80 countries and territories, generating a dynamic mix of an unmatched global footprint with valuable insight and local expertise to meet the needs of its 400,000 clients per year, across all industry sectors, small and medium-sized enterprises, local, multinational and global companies. The ManpowerGroup suite of solutions is offered through ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower, and Right Management.◄
  30. AMAZON CAMPERFORCE PROGRAM   Here is a very nice idea for those of you who live in a portable dwelling style. Amazon likes to hire on a temporary basis people who live in an RV or something similar. I think the way it works - you park your RV near one of their service centers and go to work at their facility. I understand they work your rear-end off, but the pay is good. If you work it right, you can probably accumulate a good amount of cash in a couple of months or more. The program lasts 3-4 months in the winter (Peak Season, early Fall through December!) and your responsibilities will be in the areas of packing, stowing, and receiving.

    ►Amazon, a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, Washington, is the global leader in e-commerce. Since Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1995, we have significantly expanded our product offerings, international sites, and worldwide network of fulfillment and customer service centers.
    Cool Amazon Search
    Want to brighten up the holidays? Looking for a fast-paced, hands-on job? Own an RV? If yes, then the CamperForce program might be for you! The Amazon CamperForce program brings together a community of enthusiastic RV'ers who help make the holidays bright for the customers of the world's largest online retailer, As a CamperForce associate, you'll begin this seasonal assignment in early Fall and work until December 23rd in either: Campbellsville, KY or Coffeyville, KS, or Fernley, NV. Join us as we work together in a fast-paced and energetic environment to fulfill Amazon's mission: To be Earth's most customer-centric company! Amazon offers great pay, a completion bonus, an employee discount, referral bonuses, and paid campsites for its CamperForce associates. Together we'll work hard, have fun, and make history! Take on Amazon Fulfillment as your next adventure and come join a group of enthusiastic RV'ers this winter season to help fulfill holiday orders. We are seeking hardworking and dedicated seasonal campers for our CamperForce program. The program lasts 3-4 months in the winter and your responsibilities will be in the areas of packing, stowing, and receiving.◄
  31. ZAZZLE   For those of you who are artistically inclined, this may be a great site for you to express yourself and make some money too. You can have your artwork or other text messages printed on different items such as mugs & T-Shirts and put this stuff up for sale on the Zazzle website. Zazzle offers: Set your own royalty rate on every product, Hundreds of retail-quality products to design, Reach more than 25 million monthly shoppers, Open a store for free, Tons of tutorials and guides, Earn a 15% referral rate + up to 17% bonus, We have products for every niche imaginable, Refer any page on Zazzle, plus Free and effective promotional tools.

    ►First and foremost, Zazzle is a company that's all about people . . . Our employees, our customers, our sellers and our partners. We believe that having extraordinary people is the greatest possible asset and sustainable advantage for a company. We began with an idea 10 years ago, and publicly launched our website in the summer of 2005. It's been a wild ride since then . . . And we've only just begun. Our mission is simple: "To Enable Every Custom, On-Demand Product in the World On Our Platform." In other words, Zazzle, The Make Engine™, is creating both the tools and the marketplace for anything you can imagine – customized. Simple concept, but very hard to do! The good news: We're getting closer to this reality every single day. And we're having a blast doing it.◄
  32. PORTABLE WRITING   Link goes to book at Amazon. This is a new book i just found that seems (by the title, anyway) to be a very appropriate book for this website and subject matter of this website. You can visit the authors blog by clicking here.

    ►Want to be a well-paid writer but don't know how? In Portable Writing you'll find step-by-step instructions for 25 profitable writing projects. Included are creative ideas that aren't found in any other book on writing, yet are so simple any writer can profit from them. The book also provides directions for finding people who want and need your services and features anecdotal examples and illustrations throughout the book. Writers can earn income anywhere, whether they live in Muleshoe, Texas or Humptulips, Washington, or while traveling. A bonus section features information on RVing and finding writing opportunities on the road. Projects covered in the book include: An overview of writing for publication, including books and magazine articles; instructions for six types of newsletters, including the unique concept of joint newsletters for clients; news releases; ghostwritten books; ghostwritten articles for business owners and corporate executives for trade and industry magazines; organizational histories; family histories and recipe books; cookbooks; how-to and inspirational books; and weekly columns for business owners and professionals. Also included are instructions for brochures and seven smaller, but profitable projects. There are no educational requirements or geographical limits for a successful writing career. Recent graduates will learn how to find creative freedom as a writer. Military and corporate spouses will learn a new, portable career that will travel with them no matter where they're transferred. Retirees will learn how to make their retirement more fulfilling. Those who want to learn how to write will find their launching pad to success in Portable Writing. This is the only book that provides writers with both their survival guide and their ticket to freedom!◄
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